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The admirable symmetry of her person

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Update for Zwischennetzsurferey:

Perhaps, after all, it is possible to read too many novels.

Jane Austen, op. cit., 1817.

Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey, 2007

In Northanger-Abbey-the-book, the heroine „in training“ Catherine Morland is not in terms driven by Jane Austen’s society novels, but by Ann Radcliffe’s Gothic novels, explicitly by The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1794.

In Northanger-Abbey-the-film, Catherine Morland’s most circumstantial quotation is neither from Austen nor Radcliffe, but Matthew Gregory Lewis, explicitly from The Monk, 1796:

——— Matthew Gregory Lewis:

The Monk: A Romance

J. Saunders, Masterford 1796,
in: Jon Jones: Northanger Abbey, 2007,
as read by Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland:

Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey, 2007The Friar pronounced the magic words and a thick smoke arose over the magic mirror. At length, he beheld Antonia’s lovely form. She was undressing to bathe herself and the amorous monk had full opportunity to observe the voluptuous contours and admirable symmetry of her person as she drew off her last garment.

At this moment, a tame linnet flew towards her, nestled its head between her breasts and nibbled them in wanton play. Ambrosio could bear no more. The blood boiled in his veins and a raging fire rushed through his limbs.

„l must possess her,“ he cried. „No, no, Ambrosio. I shall no longer be able to combat my passions. I am convinced with every moment, that I have but one alternative… I must enjoy you, or die!“

Today, we might regret Ms. Austen’s decision not to refer to herself in extent, since Northanger Abbey – her fifth, however first completed novel, and first one to be published posthumously, which is 19 years after its first draft –, offered plenty of space for self parody. We might even more regret Jon Jones‘ decision, due to dramatic brevity and tension, to feature only some neatly trimmed peak selections from Lewis‘ Chapters 2 and 7. Most of all, we might regret everybody’s decision not to feature Felicity Jones in a film adaptation of The Monk.

Film and images: Jon Jones: Northanger Abbey, ITV Studios London, WGBH-TV Boston, 2007.

Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey, 2007

Written by Wolf

21. September 2018 um 00:01

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