Doctor Fausti Weheklag und Höllenfahrt

Das Habe-nun-Ach für Angewandte Poesie.

Münchner Sommerhaiku

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Update zu Japanischer Frühling (Hammer):

Im Teer festgedrückt
ein Löwenbräu-Kronkorken:
nix Route 66.

Megan Lynn W., Waiting in the Rubble, San Diego, April 16th, 2014

Bild: Megan Lynn W.: Waiting in the Rubble, San Diego, April 16th, 2014 (mit detailreicher Ansicht):

I did this photo as a sort of homage to all the people that work really hard with no reward — waiting for something good to happen. Interns, people looking for jobs, or people generally just down on their luck. A lot of the time we have to be in really bad situations for a really long time in order for something good to happen. I know I’ve had firsthand experience with this, and a few people close to me have as well.

I did the formatting similarly to that of Rachel Baran’s partly because I love her work, but mostly because I wanted the „road closed“ and not wanted sings to be of less importance. It’s not really about why or what is blocking the way, but how you handle it. *breaks into song* ITSSS THE CLIIIMB

There’s my schpeel.

Soundtrack: Miley Cyrus: The Climb, aus: Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack, 2009:


Written by Wolf

21. Juli 2017 um 00:01

Veröffentlicht in Herrschaft & Revolte, Postironismus

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