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Wunderblatt 8: Something greater than me

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Update for Wunderblatt 7: Die Vegetation ist der negative Lebensprozeß. Vom ursprünglichsten Gegensatz zwischen Pflanze und Tier — und Emily und Emily
and Schmerz, Tod und Graus gar spaßig zu erfassen:

——— John Urso:


March 2016, on Tom Waits: Take One Last Look,
live on the second last Late Show With David Letterman, May 14th, 2015:

If there is some esoteric poet girl out there who needs an imperfect friend… let me know. I have never found the person who gets the religious experience that Tom and similar artists bring. Today in the woods… I found a mason jar, with the lid off. Inside it was plants, worms, and other stuff that is over my head. A whole world was living in that half ass terrarium provided by a something greater than me… I cant get it out of my head.

Send me adrift, Caliginous Hearts, December 3rd, 2012, Flickr

Image: of esoteric poet girl with half ass terrarium:
Sophia „Send me adrift.“: Caliginous Hearts, Connecticut, December 3rd, 2012: „7:00 am, top of the hill at the park, humid and foggy, cold. I’m proud of this. I really am.“

Written by Wolf

12. Juli 2016 um 01:45

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