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What shalbe, shalbe

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Update for Mille tre and Grapefruit?:

Belated congratulations to Doris Day for her approximately 90th birthday!

——— William Teshe for Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford, KG:

Che sara, sara

1582, cit. Richard Williams, Frederick James Furnevall (edd.): Ballads from Manuscripts, 1873:

Doris Day, Qué Será Será, 1956„Some sorte of men contynually forecast,
and doe dyvine of thinges which maye insue,
neuer respecting what is gone and past,
but what’s to come, that deeme they wilbe true,
Though falce in fine; for why? by proofe we see,
che sara, sara, What shalbe, shalbe.

„No fatall feare, or dread of destenye,
can daunte a mynd which euer is resolv’d.
Mans thought is fraile, his forecast vanitye,
which when I ofte within my mynde revolu’d,
I took my pen and writt this worde for me,
Che sara, sara, what shalbe, shalbe.

„Per quant’ a me non stimo dj Fortuna
ch’ognj cose è al voler d’Iddio,
non credo che Fortun’ ha forz’alcuna:
mà che sara sara, ben dico Io,
proui che vuol et egl’in fin dira
fa tutto Iddio, che sara sara.“

{[Last stanza in English:]
As for me, I don’t hold Lady Luck in high esteem,
or all things are [subject] to the will of God.
I don’t think Fortune has any effect:
but what will be will be: so say I,
He will have the final say;
everything is done by God, [and] what will be will be.}

——— Jay Livingston, Raymond Bernard Evans, Alfred Hitchcock, Doris Day:
The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956:

Record cover: Doris Day: Que Sera, Sera, from The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956
via Silvae. Thank you ever again for your awesome weblog!

Written by Wolf

7. April 2014 um 00:01

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